Hello, ladies and gentlemen
as a tradition by the end of the year we expect a new Upadate Lineage2: Salvation,
Details can be found on this link


The next major update for Lineage II is arriving soon, bringing brand new content, as well as class and quality of life changes.

Class changes include improvements to the Sigel Knight, giving special features to each Knight class, making them even more powerful in combat situations. Iss Enchanters will also see a variety of changes for each Enchanter class, with a focus on each having differing strengths and weaknesses to fit the changing needs of your party.

Content changes include a new hunting zone, Shadow of the Mother Tree, which will be available for the Mother Tree Guardian Faction, as well as changes and improvements to the Epic Spezion Battle, Garden of Spirits, and Tauti Battle.

Improvements to your overall Lineage II game experience will also be introduced, including auto-pickup of Adena, as well as strafing which has been added to enhance movement in the existing WASD control scheme.