Some change in Lineage 2 Korea

Welcome Dear Users on Lineage2 , I want to share with you some changes in the Olympic games! I can wish all the heroes – congratulations [Character] 1. The character information window has been reworked. – Physical crit has been renamed to Basic Attack Crit. – Added Physical Skill Crit. – Movement Speed position has […]

New Update – Age of Magic

Age of Magic 09 August 2023 Update release date: August 9, 2023. You can discuss the changes in the Discord channel. Skills Sigel Knight 1. Fixed an issue that caused the Paladin’s Aura, Avenger’s Aura, Guardian Aura, and Templar’s Aura Lv. 2 skills to apply Lv. 1 effects to nearby allies when used. Feoh Wizard 1. […]

Relic system – New

relic ◆Overview of the relic system Relics are a summoning and collecting system that further enhances the character’s abilities.It consists of a total of 5 grades A/B/C/D/unpaid, and if you activate the ability after acquiring the relic of each grade, the ability of the relic is added to the character.At this time, if you acquire […]

Lank Lizardman Garrison & Temple update

[Relic System] 1. Added a new ‘Relic System’. – Sidebar, ‘Relic System’ is available in the entire menu. – You can get the ‘Relic Summon Ticket’ through Einhasad’s Gold Coin Shop, and use the item to get the Relic. – Relic acquisition/enhancement/collection/synthesis/confirmation information is stored in an account unit. ​ 2. When you first acquire […]

Shine Maker new class on Lineage 2

Hello, before some days i say for new class- on 24.05.2023 Korea update this soo… this is dwarf woman char (only ) magic class here see full patch Hello Lineage 2 customers.​We would like to express our gratitude to our customers who love Lineage 2,We’ll be announcing the updates on Wednesday, May 5 as follows: […]

New Class coming in Lineage2

For long time we not see new class in lineage 2, last to be Death Knight super power class,we fust see in Lineage2 Essence(eu region)/Aden ( USA,and other regions). But now time to see fust unique class for Lineage 2 main version who not see other version dwarf magic class or someting Известие за пробуждане […]

New update on Korea

Item] 1. A new top-tier item has been added to the Dragon Claw weapon item. – The additional name of the Dragon Claw weapon item has been changed as follows: Existing add-on name Change Addendum flinders (No additional name) general Step 1 Senior Step 2 superlative Step 3 – Step 4 (New Addition) – The […]

Uoho new L grade

Hi all, i happy to tell ncsoft publik smal good new on next update and he put new armor and weapon,aslo and new grade on Drakon weapons soo i put video to see and to whaiting more info for this L그레이드 무기 방어구 – YouTube 드래곤 콜로 4단계 추가 – YouTube

Upcoming Conquest: The Source of Flame update

Can you feel the heat? t’s coming from Conquest and the new update Conquest: The Source of Flame, which is seen on the skyline. Already on March 29, we have a lot of changes to expect, including: — New Flaming Zone in Conquest In upcoming update we’ll go to investigate the new Conquest zone – […]