Overview of the relic system

Relics are a summoning and collecting system that further enhances the character’s abilities.
It consists of a total of 5 grades A/B/C/D/unpaid, and if you activate the ability after acquiring the relic of each grade, the ability of the relic is added to the character.
At this time, if you acquire an artifact of the same family as the equipment you wear, you can acquire additional abilities.

The first relic obtained is automatically registered in the ‘Relic – Collection’ column, and the number of relics is indicated as ‘x0’.
After that, if the number of artifacts obtained by summoning additional relics reaches ‘x1’ or more, it can be used as a synthetic and enhancement material.
(*Acquired artifacts and collection effects are shared within the account.)

How to get relics

You can purchase ‘Relic Summoning Tickets’ through the ‘Guitar Shop’ and ‘Adena Shop’ of the Einhasad Gold Coin Shop in the game, and you can get B-class ~ unpaid relics when using them.
Class A relics and some special relics cannot be obtained with the right to summon relics, but can only be obtained through relic synthesis and special crafting.

Item NameexplanationLevel LimitsQuantity availablecost
Shining Relic Summon – E11When used, you can obtain relics between B grade ~ unpaid.100 gold coins of Einhasad
Shining Relic Summon – E110 gold coins of Einhasad
Relic Summon – 11 timesWhen used, you can obtain artifacts between C class ~ unpaid.110 or more1 pc. / 1 week1 million Adena
Relic Summon – 1 times5 pieces / 1 day1 Million Adena

Using the item “Shining Relic Summon – 11 times”. If an item of C rank or higher is summoned, it will be marked with a colorful emblem.

Relic Enhancement

Relics of all ranks can be enhanced by using 1 ~ 4 relics of the same rank, up to a maximum of +4.
The greater the number of artifacts registered as materials, the greater the probability of reinforcement, and in case of failure, only the materials are consumed, and the reinforcement stage of the relic is maintained.

Relic reinforcement cost

Relic reinforcement is divided according to the grade, regardless of the reinforcement stage, and the detailed cost is as follows.

Relic GradeItems required for 1 reinforcement
Grade A10 million Adena
Grade B3 million Adena
Class C3000 million Adena
Class D100 million Adena
Unpaid10 million Adena

Relic synthesis

By synthesizing artifacts, you can get a higher-grade relic if you succeed, and a relic of the same rank if you fail.
In order to synthesize, you need to register 4 artifacts of the same class, and in some ranks, you can get additional items if you fail to synthesize.

Relic synthesis cost

Up to 11 synthesises can be performed at the same time, and the synthesis cost for each grade is as follows.

Relic GradeItems required for one-time synthesis
Grade B1 million Adena
Class C100 million Adena
Class D30 million Adena
Unpaid3 million Adena

Relic summoning ticket production

If you fail to synthesize a relic of grade C or higher, you can obtain additional relic fragments along with an artifact of the same grade.

Item Nameexplanation
Class A Relic FragmentsItems that can be obtained when a C-class artifact fails to synthesize.

Class B Relic Shards
Items that can be obtained when failing to synthesize Class B artifacts.

If you collect a certain amount of relic shards, you can create a relic summoning ticket that allows you to obtain 100% of the relics of that grade through ‘special crafting’.

Earned ItemsexplanationFabrication materials
Class B Relic Summon – 1 timeWhen used, one B-class artifact can be obtained.Class B Relic Fragments x 20
Class A Relic Summon – 1 timeWhen used, one Class A artifact can be obtained.Class A Relic Fragments x 20

◆Synthetic Special RelicsThere are special relics that cannot be obtained with summoning rights for each class A ~ D, and these relics
can only be obtained through synthesis.

Relic GradeSpecial artifacts
Grade AInferno MasterHalvard
Grade BDamascus gumGuardians SwordFighting Father*Fighting FatherArt of Battleaxe
Bellion SestersLanciaDevil’s DaggerHazard Bow
Tears of WizardsThe bones of Chaim BanulCommand’s Wand
Class CThe Sword of DeceptionKatana*KatanaWaraxGrace Dagger
Mother Nature’s ClubThe Staff of the Dead
Class DArtisan’s SwordCursed MaingershDark Elvenbow

Collecting artifacts

Relics of all ranks are automatically registered in ‘Collect’ when they are first obtained, and
additional abilities can be obtained upon completion of each collection.

Currently, there are a total of 82 collection lists, and you can check the required items and acquisition abilities at the link below.

[Collecting artifacts]

Confirmation of artifacts

When you get a relic of grade B or higher, you can get the relic by pressing the confirm button.

If you get an artifact you don’t want, you can randomly replace it for a fee within 7 days.

Relic replacement cost

The cost of replacing the relic varies depending on the grade and the number of progresses, and the detailed cost is as follows.

ratingNumber of ProgressionsRequired Items
Class A artifacts11,000 gold coins of Einhasad
25,000 gold coins of Einhasad
39,000 gold coins of Einhasad
413,000 gold coins of Einhasad
517,000 gold coins of Einhasad
Class B artifacts1100 gold coins of Einhasad
2500 gold coins of Einhasad
3900 gold coins of Einhasad
41,300 gold coins of Einhasad
51,700 gold coins of Einhasad

List of artifacts

The list of artifacts for each category is as follows.

Class A artifacts
Talum BladeInferno MasterKschänberg*KschänbergMitter ShowerBlood TornadoHalvard
BloodyOrchidCarnium bowElemental SwordSoul EyesStaff of Desperion
Class B artifacts
KschänbergGreat SwordThe Sword of Deception*The Sword of DeceptionThe Glory of the LionAsranaleGreat Axe
ChrisDark Elven LongbowSword of ValhallaSpell BreakerStaff of the SpiritsDamascus sword
Guardians SwordFighting Father*Fighting FatherArt of BattleaxeBellion SestersLanciaDevil’s Dagger
HazardbowTears of WizardsThe bones of Chaim BanulCommand’s Wand
Class C artifacts
Storm BringerShamshirRaid SwordThe Sword of DeceptionCaribsFighting Father Long Sword
FlambègeBerserker BladeBastard*Elven LongswordSword of Revolution*Sword of RevolutionKatana*KatanaShamshir*Shamshir
SledgehammerBattleaxeWaraxAksha MaysChakramKnuckle Dust
FistbladeGreatpataSideBach de CorvinPoleaxScorpion
Okish PoleaxDark Elven DaggerDarkscreamerGrace DaggerCrystal DaggerThe bow of ice crystals
Elemental BowAqat LongbowEmanancebowMystery SwordHomun Coolus SwordSword of Eclipse
Hall of FaithThe Hall of SalvationMother Nature’s ClubMace of UnderworldEclipse AxeCrystal wand
The Cursed WandInferno StaffThe Staff of the DeadThe Devil’s Wand
Class D artifacts
Crimson SwordSword of RevolutionArtisan’s SwordElven LongswordTwo-handed swordClaymore
Saber*SaberNightsword*NightswordBastard*ElvenswordHeavy MaceTabarBone Breaker
BagnaruVichahauScallup JamadarTridentWingedsphereGlaive
Assassin’s KnifeCursed MaingershMaingershKukuriReinforced bowDark Elvenbow
GastrafetesCyclone BowThe Priest’s SwordSword of MagicSword of Magic FogMace of Prayer
The Hall of LifePriest’s MaceStaff of ManaGoat’s head caneAtuba Macis
Unpaid artifacts
Small swordThe Sword of SolidarityPulsionSword of the Red SunsetBrandishZweihander
StickmaceBurge GunJing GlovesFox nailsViper teeth
MonosolesChangchangBone daggerShining KnifeSword BreakerSmall bow
Bow of the ForestSynthetic bowCross of BlessingApprentice’s RoadAdept’s WandThe wand of the red sunset
Staff of the SentinelMonk’s Wand