Lineage II Epic Tales of Aden Episode 2.5: Infinite Odyssey – Hymn of the Soul

    01.04.2015 на корейские лайв-серверы было установлено новое обновление цикла InfiniteOdyssey – HymnofSoul. 01.04.2015 live on Korean servers installed a new update cycle InfiniteOdyssey – HymnofSoul. В нем подверглись серьезной переработке Кристаллы Души, добавлены 3 временные зоны и Заклинатели Иса получили новые умения. It underwent a major processing Soul Crystals, added 3 time zones […]

Lineage 2 and Win Xp Users!

Hello, this is Lineage II service team . With the support of the end of Windows XP at Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. , with a April 9, 2014 , will end support for Windows XP in the game Lineage II service . With regard to your customers , We are sorry for the inconvenience the […]

EU servers update on Epeisodion

The approximate date of release of Epeisodion on LIVE is 04.03.2014. finaly we see new update Update 1 (i hope we never reach update 10 :D): “Dear users, We have fixed that main problem with textures but the testing is still in progress. The next possible date of Epeisodion 3.5 release is 11.03. “