Hello, this is Lineage II service team .

With the support of the end of Windows XP at Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. , with a April 9, 2014 , will end support for Windows XP in the game Lineage II service .

With regard to your customers , We are sorry for the inconvenience the Windows XP.

Response after 9th April 2014 are as follows .
· Requirements OS can be (SP2) / Windows 7 with (SP1) Windows Vista.
• For information on specific issues related to Windows XP, you can not support .
※ About the play Lineage II in Windows XP after 9th of April 2014 , it is not supported .

⇒ Lineage II Requirements , click here

Even if you do not play the game , security , very risk , the higher the that you continue to use the OS that support has ended .
Customers use we recommend that you transition your OS as soon as possible Windows XP.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation .

Lineage II service team

Source you can read here.

Its time to win xp users to think about new os. Last support date ——-> here.