Hello Lineage 2, customer.

I am the Director of the Lineage 2 Development Office.

In July 2018, after the appearance of R7 grade items

In about 5 years, the top-grade new weapons and armor have been updated.

Many customers are curious

We would like to share the details of the new items of L grade following yesterday.

New Class Weapons/Armor

1. L-grade equipment can be obtained by upgrading existing items.

New L-grade Trinity weapons and Dignity armor

+30 or more Earn by upgrading to Limited Krishna Weapon and Limited Leviathan Armor.

We have planned an upgrade structure so that the value of existing limited weapons/armor is not compromised.

When promoting, you will also need additional materials (existing materials + new materials) in addition to weapons.

If you have obtained all the materials, you have a 100% chance of being promoted.

Trinity Weapons & Dignity Armor can also be enchanted up to +10.

Trinity weapon has changed the Sword Qi effect from +0 Enhancement / +7 Enhancement / +9 Enhancement,

Dignity armor will have its effects changed from +6 Enhancement Set / +8 Enhancement Set / +10 Enhancement Set.

You can check it out in the video below.

L그레이드 무기 – YouTube

L그레이드 방어구 – YouTube

2. L Grade – Trinity weapon option will be previewed.

+0 Trinity Shaper+0 Trinity Cutter+0 Trinity Slasher
+0 트리니티 어펜져+0 트리니티 파이터+0 트리니티 스토머
+0 트리니티 스로워+0 트리니티 슈트제+0 트리니티 버스터
+0 트리니티 캐스터+0 트리니티 레트리뷰터+0 트리니티 듀얼 소드
+0 트리니티 듀얼 대거+0 트리니티 듀얼 블런트

3. L그레이드 – 디그니티 방어구 옵션을 선공개 합니다.

① 중갑 세트

디그니티 헬멧디그니티 흉갑디그니티 각반
디그니티 건틀렛디그니티 부츠세트 옵션

② 중갑 세트

디그니티 레더 헬멧디그니티 레더 아머디그니티 레더 레깅스
디그니티 레더 글로브디그니티 레더 부츠세트 옵션

③ 로브 세트

디그니티 서클릿디그니티 튜닉디그니티 호즈
Dignity GlobeDignity ShoesSet Options

※ Detailed skill effects and effects are subject to change at the time of actual update.

Details can be found in the update announcement on Wednesday,

We look forward to your continued interest and love for Lineage 2.

Thank you.