Hello Lineage 2 customers.

I am the Director of the Lineage 2 Development Office.

Last Friday, after the “update advance notice” of the Awakening server,

Many customers have various opinions on the contents provided in advance and

He is sharing his questions.

In order to meet the interest you have in this update,

We’d like to share a little more detail where we can.

The first is an additional update on the Wynn Summoner class overhaul.

Wynn Summoner class revamp

1In the future, summoned beasts will be summoned to the same level as the master character.

Currently, summons of a lower level than the master character may be summoned.

In the future, summons of the same level as the owner character will be summoned unconditionally.

This improves the issue of low summon beasts and low power.

2The summon receives the owner’s abilities.

Existing sharing abilities had limitations in ability transfer.

Only some specific stats were transferred, and the numbers were limited.

This has been significantly improved so that all stats of the master character are reflected in the summon number.

Now, when a summon attacks or receives it, the damage is calculated the same as the owner character.

Item effects worn by the host character (Example_Limited – PVP/PVE enhancement) are also applied.

3. You can easily use the summoner’s main attack skill.

Currently, the Summon Beast’s skill must be used manually or after registering in the Short.

To make it more convenient to use, when the pet performs a basic attack

We’ve changed it to automatically trigger the main attack skill.

As a result, you can easily and conveniently operate summons without additional controls.

4Many other existing skills will be changed.

Today, we would like to introduce you to ‘Spirit the Nabiarope’.

‘Spirit the Naviarov’ had a long delay of 60 minutes

Change to a buff skill instead of a shapeshifting skill.

In the Naviarov buff state, some existing skills are upgraded.

You can check it out in the video below.

(3) 스피릿 더 나비아로프 스킬 영상 – YouTube

※ Detailed skill effects and effects are subject to change at the time of actual update.

Details can be found in the update announcement on Wednesday, March 3.

We look forward to your continued interest and love for Lineage 2.

Thank you.