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This entire series of updates merged to be rolled out as a huge one to likely celebrate 20 years anniversary of Lineage 2. I would say that the ETA is the end of spring – beginning of the summer. Since I could not find how to edit my previous topic, nor rename it, I had to create a new one, since I think that this topic is an interesting one, and hitherto concerned many. Unlike the previous topic, I’ve tried also to apply some systemic approach, grouping information together. The information itself was taken from couple of websites, youtube videos, and, of course, from the korean official site. The update implemented here may, naturally, differ from the one rolled in Korea, yet, we assume that capital changes and novelties like skills/locations are likely to stay, while some paid opportunities (New Exalted Enchantment Limit?) may of course be “adjusted”. During information preparation it was decided to focus on important changes, while omitting minutia changes (given that not many ppl are interested in a precise list of 35 new collections of the same effect). As well as I’ve ignored Einhasad store information, since we ain’t getting any. And thank you for coming by.

Hunting Zones:

Shadow of the Mother Tree is now for 126 lv. (advanced zone).

Neutral Zone is now for 110 lv. (Regular Zone).

Ketra Orc’ Outpost (112 lv.) status was moved from a regular to an enhanced zone.

New Instance Zones: Same old instances were made for lv. 115+. Now you chose the instance first, then, you chose the level (105/110/115).

High-level field Raids (Zethal, Moira & Co.) levels were increased (lv. 120 – lv. 125). Top-grade field Raids (Anakim, Lilith & Co.) levels were increased (125-127).

Dragon Valley Revamp: It becomes a zone for 120-122, mobs adjusted accordingly.

Beast Farm Revamp: It becomes a zone for 118, mobs adjusted accordingly.

Sea of Spores: general area adjustment.

Abandoned Lizardmen Camp: It becomes an enhanced zone for 124.

Cyrax and Lindvior raids are being deleted.

Guillotine Fortress Revamp: It becomes a zone for 126, while the Guillotine RB becomes a big cheese there, and spawns each Tuesday, 9 PM (just as Anakim?) inside a PvP zone.

Fafurion Temple: It becomes a zone for 124, mobs adjusted accordingly.

Freya’s Ice Castle: It becomes a weekly instance zone for 2-7 players of 115+ lv; while the rules seem to be the same, as a drop you get a chest with items to be compound and used as consumables for fresh (and powerful) permanent collections.


Maximum enchant level for all accessories/armors now is +30.

Blessed Exalted Weapon now may be enchanted to +21 using the same scrolls.

Blessed Exalted Armor may now be enchanted to +20 using the same scrolls.

Now you can enchant exalted’ shields and sigils to +20.

Masia and Paagrio lifestones were implemented: for jewels and armor.

Fallen Angel Ring/Earring are now tradeable.

Artifact Added: Adena Gain (+10 gives +7% bonus Adena).

Gran Kain Scrolls (for Shirt/Circlet/Bracelet/Brooch/Book) were implemented, and may be used on respective +0+ items.

Fresh Forgotten Power Skills:

Mastery: +30 Skill gives +10% Atk, +10% Def, and CrtDmg -10%, CrtDam dealt +10%; +10% Dmg dealt if +31.

Specialist: +30 Skill gives 10k pdef, +200 weapon atk; skillpower +10%; Damage received -15% if +31.

Skill Changes:

Huge amount of skills are being given away: each class will get at least 1 powerful skill, each will get something according to their profile and given their orientation.

Sayhas and Othells are now having 99% aoe dmg. resistance +99% whilst hidden.

Death Strike Rates are overall increased for all the Othells. Shadow Chase skill cooldown decrease (from 7 to 5 seconds).

Othell Ghost Hunter, just because he is dark can hit for 45 sec from any direction, as if it is the back of an enemy (guaranteed Rear Damage).

Existing minor skills’ adjustments for Sayhas, Eviscerators and Othell Adventurers: mostly improvements (sayha) and CD decrease (othell).

Existing Tyrr Skills Mass Revamp: Most of the fighter class physical skills are now %-based, ignoring %-based value of pdef on hit, just as DKs’ had been before. Some of the Tyrrs’ AoEs have decreased their CDs (like infinity Strike).

Force Class Improvements: On average, 10% – 30% boost of skillpower for Gladiators/Tyrants through an improvement of their Limit skills.

Berserker: Extension of their barrier skills (both mdef and pdef): effect lenght x2 (now 60s). Blade Slasher: Skill Power increase, pdef ignorance effect +10%, additional damage to immobile unsuspecting ppl.

Wynns: Old Selfbuffs (for summons) removed (excepting class-tailored), new selfbuff addedd (which stack with the iss’ buffs, so that buffs for summons are now being coupled with an iss buffs, to pump them so that they look stronger). New SelfBuff skill has 2 levels, is being given on lv. 85 and 110. On lv. 110 capital summonbuff gives: +30% dmg, haste+34%, windwalk +34%, debuff resistance +10%, dmg -30%, crtdamreceived -10%.

Feoh’s Mass Ruin and Quadruple Strike have decreased their cooldowns slightly (cd 5-10 sec faster).

Sigil Knights: Just as Tyrrs, most (or all) skill damage is now %-based, + some new AoE skill for each of the tanks, essentially like AoE strike of around 180% of Power of PAtk, with various effects, e.g. decreases attribute resistances -150 points, and, when mobs are quitting the game, tanks give to their party members (for 5 sec only, though): PAL +50 attribute resistance, skillpower +5 by DA, crtdamreceived -10% by TK and crtdamreceived -5% by SK. Raise Shield/Focus Shield are now decreasing -30% of respective CrtDam received. Two-hand stance damage boost (now skill-oriented, all skill-oriented values increase for +10%).

DK instead gets some new solo-target skill (like hell slash, but of 200% of power).

Healers: new skill added, which regens 10% hp of the party and covers them into a barrier, which abolishes 50k damage (similar to tanza/iss’ barrier).

Issess: Some new skills for the party (in case of PP – to the party member, OL – to the clan), which give: +10% crtdam dealt and -10% crtdam received for the group (sws/bd); +15% atk and +15% def to a single member of the party (pp); pty (wc+ol) and clan (ol) +10% atk and 10% def.

Minutia changes for all the classes’ self-buffs: mostly related to the changes of the spirit ore consumption, which is insignificant and unimportant.


Dethrone new quests and locations were added (decent amount of changes: new logic for the zones, level coverage/compoundables/consumables/collectibles/quests).

Interface changes (new map, new consumable mini-window, Instance Zone Closure auto notification, shout message cap increased (->50).

Ability Points Revamp: There will be 3 branches now, of a knight, elder and a warrior now, instead of a tank, wizard and warrior. While mostly everything is similar, the only notable change i notice is that damage and defence bonuses are now being split into PvE and PvP.

Augmentation does not force an item to your inventory any longer.

PS: Dragon Weapon Exchange / DK/OL as Dual have not been implemented (yet) anywhere.