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30.10.2013 developers have lifted the veil of secrecy over the picture , which was published in early October, in an interview with Chief Game Developer Nam Taek-rim, Chief Artist Bak Jong-hun and GM Kashinel

Hello, I’m GM Kashinel game master Lineage II.
As you know October 2, 2013 was published illustration Arteas . To learn more details about it, I met with the developers , who are now hard at work on a new update.

GM Kashinel: The published illustration Arteas is the presentation of a new race ?

Nam Taek-rim: Yes. The illustration shows a new race Arteas , which will soon appear in the game.

GM Kashinel: When did the illustration , it was not accompanied by almost no information . Everyone was very intrigued by what will have the same properties of a new race . Can you shed some light on the mystery ?

Nam Taek-rim: Arteas – a race that has been created and Sihem representing the strength of the wind , placed in the form of Einhasad . They playfully flitting around and despite their striking behavior they are also quite strong. This is a race that is known for its immortal curiosity, constantly reveals something new and create creative things . But once they get into the battle , they attack the enemies so terrible a manner that does not guess their appearance.

GM Kashinel: What classes will be presented ?

Nam Taek-rim: If you take a closer look at the first picture , you will realize that at first we plan to submit only 2 classes. The names of the classes and their features , we will post later . In this regard, I ask you to be patient .

GM Kashinel: Can you talk a little bit about the skills race ? It would be very valuable …

Nam Taek-rim: First, we have designed classes that used the skills of stealth and skills that would enable fast approach the enemy. These are classes that control the space and the state of his opponent. In brief , the two -class hunt safely and happily fight . They are made so that they can properly managing time use skills to overcome an opponent.

GM Kashinel: both classes hunt safely and happily fighting? In any combat abilities Arteas the most good?

Nam Taek-rim: They are very strong. Especially in solo hunting and fighting 1 on 1. For mass PVP , we plan to give them a role in which they would be able to defend its number of ways.

GM Kashinel: When I look at the figure , I have a feeling that I see an elf ?

Bak Jong-hun: When we are working on illustrations for the teaser we should not focus on realism , and humor. In this case, it may be that the image you see is real and lively girl and you have the feeling that she has lots of features inherent to the elves . Later, we will publish game screenshots . Once you examine them closely you will see the difference in the appearance of a new race and elves.



GM Kashinel: What else would you like to have identified the importance of the traits of race Arteas ?

Bak Jong-hun: When we were working on the very first concept, then we went through a very hard brainstorming . This was necessary in order to find the differences that would not make a new race similar to the existing ones. For us it was difficult to satisfy two opposing demands : on the one hand necessary differences , on the other race must blend in with the game. When asked what is most important in the race Arteas so I can not answer – when you look at them from a distance , you ‘ll never see them full silhouette.


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